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Q: I'm thinking about starting triathlon but it seems overwhelming. What made you start the sport?

A: Well, it wasn't so much a "what", but a "who". On Christmas Day 2017 I opened an envelope from my family and inside was a printed confirmation email from Ironman Wisconsin. My husband and kids saw that I needed a new project and so they secretly signed me up for the full Ironman that upcoming September. It hadn't been paid in full yet, so I did have an out, but once the challenge was made, the "what if's" inside me kicked in. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about triathlon, talked to a friend of ours who is a lifelong swimmer about teaching me the basics, bought a bunch of gear, and dove right in.

I never imagined that this experience would affect my life in so many ways. Ironman's tagline, "Anything is Possible", hits the nail right on the head.

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