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There's always more to learn

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Challenges from Day 1

Maybe it's just me, but I find that it's really hard to not try to change everything all at once.

I have this vision of how I want life to look. I know what I need to do to make it happen. So why not just do ALL THE THINGS right now? Fix my eating, work out more often, be more positive and optimistic, and inspire the people around me. It should be just that simple. I'll feel content and happy and accomplished, right? As Nike and my German dad would say, just do it.

That's a recipe for disaster. We all know it, yet it's often our go-to plan of attack. It's hard to be patient. It's hard to think things through; sometimes all that thinking will kill the excitement and motivation so we plow ahead. It's hard to "trust the process" as I tell clients and also my kids taking piano lessons, when they don't see progress as fast as they'd like. Recently I read somewhere that you "can't plant a seed today and expect to see a tree tomorrow". No matter how sunny, how perfect the temperature, how much water you give it, you can't rush growth and change. And in the case of the seed most obviously, too much of a good thing can easily drown out any hope for a long-term successful outcome.

The smart, the mature thing to do is to slow down and break the big picture up into actionable pieces. What's the first thing you do when you start a 1000 piece puzzle? Dump them out and start sorting. Figure out patterns. Look for themes. Start with the easy stuff and work from there. It's going to be the same with this big Ironman training thing I'm committing myself to.

The themes and patterns are my diet, my exercise routines, my self-talk, my sleep, my relationships, my attitude. Each one is going to require attention and adjustment. The process is a reality check of where I really am today, not where I wish I was, or where I used to be.

A lot of stuff is probably going to come during all of this but it's good. It'll be good to tune in and pay attention to my life right now. Yesterday I said that autopilot turned off and I had been in a free fall. That makes it sound like a bad thing. But I think maybe it's a blessing in disguise. When autopilot shuts off you're forced to pay attention; and I'd say paying attention to life is a darn good thing.

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