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So where do we start?  How is this attempt to change any different than what you've already tried before on your own?  Why invest any hope that this time will be different?

the answer

The answer is that this time it will be systematic and fully thought through, all while being flexible for your unique situation.  You'll be coached to identify what habits are missing and what habits could be better focused.  In Session #1 - Preparing to Change, you'll work through a framework to understand your current life in a new and different way.  You'll find ways to quantify how your life is currently balanced and how it can be re-balanced with more purpose, energy, and efficiency.  In essence, you'll finally see the full picture of what it will take to make your desired change.  It's at this point, at the end of Session #1, where you'll have to make a choice.  Either you will knowingly quit because it looks too hard....or, you'll find you have the guts engage, because now you can see the framework that makes it possible.  The answer is to wake up every morning 

Will you put in the work?

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In each of the 10 Sessions you will have online homework where you will be challenged to get real with yourself  before meeting with Sarah in a secure and private video session.  During the Session you'll learn techniques to be flexible and patient with yourself.  These are lifetime skills that successful  After the video Session you will apply the principles in your everyday lifeYou schedule the video session when it works for you, when you are relaxed, and ready to get to work.  Together you'll discover which habits you already have and which ones you'll need to develop or modify.  More than likely, you have most them already.  It's discovering how they all connect that will be so important and truly eye opening.  You will become more complete and find unexpected strength in the process.

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10 steps:










Preparing to change

Expectations and goals

Easier healthy eating

The family

Your social life

Dissecting your habits

Turn off Autopilot:

Turn off Autopilot:

Turn off Autopilot:

Lifetime personal growth




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but wait... what if

 there are issues?

Sometimes there are things in our past that effect our lives on a very deep level.  In those cases, no amount of habit changing will be effective until the root cause is worked through.  This highlights the main difference between coaching and counseling.  Coaching seeks to optimize while counseling seeks to dig in deep enough to heal.

With Unexpected Athlete Lifestyle Coaching you are in good hands.  While acting as your coach, Sarah will help you determine when and if counseling could help with specific issues and challenges.  As a licensed counselor herself, she can act as your advocate if the situation presents itself.  Purchase the full 10-session program and we will include, if necessary, a referral diagnostic. With your consent, Sarah will provide a written summary of your goals, progress, and specific road block(s).  You can take that written summary and use it as a starting point to help you and your therapist to speak a common language and get to work.  Unexpected Athlete is proud to offer this valuable service as part of a complete coaching package.

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take the first steP

Ready?  Take the first step to determining what has been holding you back in life.  Wouldn't you like to know?

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Want to learn more?  Read our Q&A section.

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