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We are faced with hundreds, if not thousands of decisions every day. Habits help us save mental energy by putting a lot of those decisions on autopilot. Sometimes, in an effort to save time and energy, we slip into patterns of taking the "easy way" which can include some unhealthy choices. When you're in the thick of your everyday life, it can be overwhelming to pick apart your routine and think of alternative ways of doing things that might make you feel better. The number of decisions that the world presents to us everyday can become overwhelming; how do you choose those that might make a difference in your mood, energy level, and overall health? 

Having an accountability person when you're trying to do something tough is critical.  

Pebble Beach

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Please fill out the following form to receive a personalized response from Sarah at Unexpected Athlete Lifestyle Coaching, LLC.  Based on the information you provide about your daily habits and routines, you'll receive a thoughtful, personalized email (normally within 48 hours) that includes a suggestion of a routine change or a perspective reframe that you might consider making.  There is no commitment, fee, or obligation in submitting this form.

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