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Sarah Brinkley, MA LPC

We often feel like we aren't getting anywhere.

We feel like everything we do leads to a dead end.

In our instant gratification culture, it's easy to believe that

these feelings are based on truth.


I've learned that when you look at what happens when you're engaged in athletics as a metaphor for other situations in life, growth and meaning are everywhere.

This awareness, this "tuning in", is what I aim to share through Unexpected Athlete.

By learning to see incremental progress in my sports, I've learned to see incremental progress at work, in my effort to stay organized, in my parenting skills, in my marriage,

in my friendships, and in my self-esteem. 


By learning to set and celebrate stepping stone goals in sport, I've learned to celebrate the often-overlooked wins in everyday life; a clean kitchen, kids playing together, a productive day at work, getting to bed on time. 

These everyday wins are the things that bring contentedness in life.

I use the skills I've learned through my work as a counselor to help you

clarify and focus on achieving what's most important to you.

I use the insight I've gained through endurance sports to help you

practice patience with yourself and to reframe stumbling blocks as growth opportunities. 

You'll practice seeing the good as it happens,

appreciating those moments while

learning to let the negative stuff slide off your back.

You'll learn to be gentle with yourself and more accepting of those around you. 

Unexpected Athlete isn't about surprising other people with what you achieve.


Unexpected Athlete is about surprising yourself.

At Unexpected Athlete Lifestyle Coaching LLC, Sarah Brinkley is performing duties as a life coach, not a licensed mental health professional. The process of coaching is different from the process of therapy. You can read a great explanation of the differences here. Sarah's counseling background is one of many influences on her coaching strategy. You can read about her coaching strategy here. She is happy to work in conjunction with your mental health professional, primary care physician, or holistic health provider to coordinate your best possible care as you work toward a happier and more fulfilling life. 

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